What better location to introduce your child to the fun and exciting world of shooting than with the professional instructors at the Frisco Gun Club?

The Youth Introduction to Firearms class welcomes kids of all ages to learn to safely handle and shoot both .22 caliber rifles and handguns. Kids will be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. They will sit through a short class room instruction where the instructor will focus of gun safety, gun etiquette, how to properly hold each firearm, what to do if there is a firearm present but no adult, and several other firearms related topics that concern kids and the safe handling of firearms. Kids will then accompany the instructor to the range where the fun really begins. Each student will be able to fire rifles and handguns, all under the close supervision of a Frisco Gun Club Firearms Instructor. Students will be able to shoot from different distances and learn how to apply the classroom portion to the range. This class is a great introduction for kids to learn gun safety and be introduced to the world of shooting.

Cost:  $99
Schedule:  Multiple Saturdays per month // 4:00 - 5:30pm
Class Length:  1.5 hours (30 mins in classroom/hour on range)
Participants:  6
Pre-Requisite:  None. Our first priority is to promote SAFETY and KNOWLEDGE - and therefore, it is never to early to begin learning in the classroom.  However, our instructors will work with parents to determine appropriate age to go on range.
Ammunition Requirements:  None (All provided)

Some Firearms commonly used in class:
Browning BuckMark .22 caliber handgun; Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22; H&K MP5 Clone (.22LR)